Alexandra “Lexi” Annette Jagodowski


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This website is dedicated to the life and memory of Lexi Jagodowski.  On Tuesday, September 10, 1996, God gave us a little angel to love and cherish. On Tuesday, September 16, 2008, God asked for his angel and we let her go.  As this website develops, we will post stories, pictures & video about the life, accomplishments, struggles and the victories of our loving daughter. She touched so many hearts.

This picture was taken Easter Morning, on March 23, 2008.  Exactly one month later, Lexi would be diagnosed with her relapse.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

This is our family Christmas card for the first Christmas without Lexi. In the picture, Joey is holding a picture of Lexi, Christina is holding Lexi’s “Dolly” and Ricky is holding her “Purple Blanky”. Dolly and Purple Blanky were by Lexi’s side giving her comfort throughout her first diagnosis and this relapse. The large purple butterfly between Rick & Chrissy’s head was made by Lexi for Christina and Chrissy wanted to use it to decorate the tree this year.

I’d like to recommend  a very touching poem entitled “Merry Christmas From Heaven”.  It can be read at:


Alexandra Annette Jagodowski
September 10, 1996 -September 16, 2008


Happy 20th Birthday, Lexi!!!

   We Love You & Miss You!!!